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Reproduction of an early nineteenth print depicting the 1791 Bastille Day celebration in Belfast (Wikipedia - The Society of United Irishmen)

Belfast’s Market House, the Town Hall and the 1798 Rebellion

Belfast’s First Town Hall “A Rate made and agreed uppon by the Sovraigne and Burgesses the 12th day of October 1639 for the fittinge of the Towne Hall with p’titiones bench and a Barr & other necessaryes for the use of the Courts” This is the first mention of a Town Hall in Belfast. The first town clerk is recorded as Roger Robyns. Following this decree is a list of 46 names and the amount each contributed. This ranged from 10 shillings to 1 shilling. (Archy McCaghan is recorded with a contribution of 0 0, perhaps he was absent that Read more…

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