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What is is a hobby website built to provide information on the people, places, products and activities of interest in Belfast and further afield.

The idea for the website came during the Covid Lockdown in Spring/Summer 2020. This effectively confined us to our houses and focused our interest on local entertainment, stories, people and places of to visit when restrictions lifted.

As a result we started to look more into local history, places to visit around us and into the people of interest in Belfast and the surrounding counties to share on a website. The website is not centred on Belfast as we are keen to highlight a range of interesting places, people and tales from surrounding counties though the Covid restrictions do present problems for the short term at least in getting out and about!

Scotty at the Big Fish
Scotty at the Big Fish

Background to the website

When planning a visit to a new holiday destination, many of us look into the destination’s history, places to visit and things to do. However we often do not take the same time to look at the history and stories of the streets we walk every day and the people of note in our own local history.

How often do you look at a Blue plaque on a building or street corner and think “I’ve never heard of them”. Our website aims to shed some light on those places, stories and people of note – some famous, others (largely) forgotten. We will also look into our industry, past and present, to highlight those that have played a key role in our history.

Belfast CityHall
Belfast City Hall

Tourists often list Belfast and the surrounding counties as a favourite place to visit. Reasons vary but in a relatively small geographic area visitors see a fascinating history, impressive buildings & monuments, beautiful and varied scenery, talented people in entertainment, arts & crafts and a population frequently celebrated for its sense of humour, banter and kindness to strangers. Maybe we need to take a closer look at our own surroundings and lives through fresh eyes.

Why “Belfast Entries”?

Our website

This website will cover many subjects over a series of regular posts or entries. Website discussions will vary from famous citizens (and other ‘forgotten folk’ who deserve to be remembered) through to places to visit, with information on arts and crafts, quirky facts & stories and tips on tracing your family tree – not easy given the particular circumstances encountered with Covid.

We are not historians and the intention is not to produce a dry history. Posts will hopefully be of interest, fun or useful to citizens and visitors alike. We aim to unite readers in finding out more about our shared history – concentrating on what unites us rather than our divisions.

Please note that, although the website will occasionally cover historical figures and turbulent times, it is not a website about ‘the Troubles‘ or conflicts. Other sites are dedicated to recent history. We will leave it there. We have much more in common in our lives to bring us together rather than covering the history that divides us.

The historical Belfast Entries

Map of Belfast Entries
Location of Belfast Entries

The website name is a pun – reflecting our intention to add a range of posts/ entries to the site but also references the actual ‘Belfast Entries’. These are a series of alleys/ side streets around High Street and Ann Street that date back to the earliest days of the city. These provide a fascinating glimpse into Belfast history in themselves.

The significance of the entries has often been overlooked and indeed ‘the entries’ were neglected and allowed to fall into disrepair. However a new Belfast Entries Project is underway to transform the entries into vibrant places that are safe, welcoming, playful and imaginative. This is to be welcomed. We will look into these entries more in future posts.

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