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Why would you buy us a coffee? is a hobby website built to provide information on the people, places, events and activities of interest in Belfast and further afield.  The website includes posts on a wide range of interesting places, people and stories from Belfast & beyond.

There are no charges to use the website but the costs of the website amount to hundreds of pounds each year not counting the effort involved in researching & writing the website posts. . 

The occasional donation of the cost of a cup of coffee from our website visitors would help to reduce some of the costs of running the website. Two options for donations are listed below.

If you don’t want to contribute or are unable to make a small donation please don’t worry – carry on reading and enjoying the website as we explore more stories of interest.


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Buy Me a Coffee is a website used worldwide to allow visitors to make a small donation to website creators/ artists/ crafts people in appreciation of their work. Buy Me a Coffee takes 5% of the donation to handle the payment on behalf of the website owner.  (See reviews of Buy Me a Coffee on Trustpilot)


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