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Scotty is stumped
Scotty is stumped


Content on this website is copyright of © Belfast Entries based upon original content & images or research of historical and other reference sources. The site is a hobby/ information website, hopefully of benefit to the local population as well as prospective visitors and ex-pats. We do not charge or derive profit from selling access to the posts on Belfast Entries

Content may not be copied, altered in any way or transmitted to others (unless explicitly stated otherwise) without authorisation from Belfast Entries. Please email with subject “Copyright” if you wish to re-use any of the images or would like a full-resolution image. Utilisation of any images for commercial purposes may involve a charge for use.

While most material on the website has been written by us based on research or personal experience we do include images from other sources (web images, extracts from printed sources) in a range of articles to enhance the readers enjoyment. We believe these have been used in line with copyright law (eg images sourced from web searches are filtered by ‘public domain’ or ‘creative commons’ permissions with creative commons sources credited as required).

If you believe we have inadvertently used copyright content or failed to credit the copyright holders, please contact us as soon as possible using our Takedown Request process (below).

Takedown Request

In the event that you are the owner of the copyright in any of the material on this website and do not consent to the use of your material on this website, please contact us at providing the information requested below and we will immediately withdraw your material from our website on receipt of your written objection and proof of ownership of the aforementioned material.

1) Infringement of copyright/author’s rights/related rights

Describe the protected material in as much detail as possible so that the specific content can be readily identified. Indicate the category for protection under intellectual property law (e.g. original literary, dramatic or musical work, software) and the extent of use, e.g. by quoting text that has been reproduced.

Confirm that you own or are authorised to represent the owner of intellectual property rights in the protected material. or are the creator of and thus have moral rights in the protected material.

The basis of you complaint (eg Unauthorised use by reason of reproduction and/or making available the protected material etc)

2) A complaint on grounds other than copyright and/or related rights.

Please describe the nature of the complaint e.g. data protection etc and identify the infringing content in as much detail as possible to allow us to take it down pending review.

If possible, please attach additional information which supports your complaint

Thank you for contacting us.


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