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Tough Times
Tough Times


BelfastEntries is a hobby website covering the local history of our families before us. However many will struggle in coming months from the onslaught of rising prices and static incomes. We have therefore pulled together information below to signpost organisations that may be able to offer support to obtain food, reduce bills and help you cope in difficult times. We will add more information in coming days/ weeks.

If you do not need the services yourself but want to help then many of the links below will advise on ways of supporting the charities delivering these services.

Feel free to share this page if you think the information might be useful to anyone. Social media sharing icons are at the bottom of the page.

Note that we are not associated with any of the organisations listed below nor can we offer financial advice. The links & information provided are based on results we found from internet searches and may be helpful for those needing support. You can visit the linked websites and follow up if you wish.

General Guidance for Households

Local Food Banks

Food banks are community organisations that can help if you can’t afford the food you need. You’ll usually need to get a referral to a food bank before you can use it. Citizens Advice offer guidance on using food banks here

The links below offer information on food banks and their locations.

Social Supermarkets

A social supermarket is a community run shop that provides support for local families and individuals experiencing food poverty. Note the emphasis on local community shoppers. There are only a few at present but hopefully numbers will increase.

If you want to contact us on the suggestions for help or have suggestions for further information that may be of value feel free to let us know at

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