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Roughfort Liberty Tree
Roughfort, County Antrim – A Tale of Dolmens and Dragoons

Roughfort, Co Antrim, has 3 historic sites close to each other – a Bronze Age passage grave, a Norman motte and a 200+yo Liberty Tree

Front of Crosskeys
The Crosskeys Inn – Ireland’s Oldest Thatched Public House

County Antrim’s Crosskeys Inn is the oldest thatched public house in Ireland and offers a truly authentic traditional Irish pub experience.

Layde Church & Graveyard
Layde – County Antrim’s Hidden Church

Layde Old Church is a place of history and peace. Its scenic hidden glen, sparkling stream and sea views make it incredibly beautiful.

Cantrell and Cochrane Advert 1877
Cantrell & Cochrane – From Belfast’s Castle Place to a Global Brand

Cantrell & Cochrane , now the world famous C&C brand, started out in a small shopfront on Castle Place, Belfast – the Ulster Medical Hall

Galboly cottage view
Galboly – The County Antrim Village Lost in Time

In the picturesque glens of Antrim lies the abandoned village of Galboly. Hidden from view, its derelict cottage ruins recall a bygone age.

Mahee Castle
Mahee Castle – A Fortified Tower House at Strangford Lough

Mahee Castle, built 1570, is actually the ruins of a fortified tower house on Mahee Island – one of the larger islands in Strangford Lough.

Interior aisle & altar view
St Nicholas Church, Carrickfergus

St Nicholas Church has a fascinating history dating back to 1182AD with great architecture & design, beautiful windows and historic artefacts

Biddy Farrelly's Cafe on Gresham Street
The Tale of Luke White and Biddy Farrelly

The story of Luke White & Biddy Farrelly has it all – rags to riches, thwarted love, broken hearts and a ghost that walks Belfast’s streets.

Arnotts on Bridge Street and High Street today
Who Remembers Arnott’s Department Store, Belfast?

Arnott’s was a well-known and respected shop in Belfast city centre. It closed on 17th August 1974 after 137 years of trading.

Daylight Meteor
The Crumlin Meteorite

On 13th September 1902 a meteorite fell to earth at a farm near Crumlin, about 12 miles from Belfast. It didn’t remain for long.

Nendrum Church ruins
Nendrum – An ancient Monastery with the oldest tide-mill in the world

Nendrum Monastery’s long history features St Patrick, Viking attacks, settlement by Benedictine monks and the world’s oldest tide-mill

The Stocks at Purity Lane
The Last Witch Trial in Ireland with a ‘Guilty’ outcome

The last witch trial in Ireland resulting in a guilty verdict took place in March 1711 at the Old Courthouse in Carrickfergus.

James McDonnell Memorial at the Church
James McDonnell – The Father of Belfast Medicine

James McDonnell MD devoted his time and eminent talents to the work of humanity in delivering medical services to Belfast’s poor

Rotterdam Bar - derelict
Belfast Walk – Sailortown, Lagan side and Clarendon Dock

A walk with Scotty around Belfast’s Sailortown, the Lagan side, the Big Fish, Queen’s Square and Clarendon Dock

Galloper Thompson
Galloper Thompson – Belfast’s Phantom Horseman

A famous resident of north Belfast is Gordon Thompson, better known as Galloper Thompson, the phantom horseman!

Sugarhouse Entry - The Bambridge Hotel
Sugarhouse Entry – Belfast’s Forgotten Lane with a past

Sugarhouse Entry enjoyed a long and varied history from the late 1600s until its eventual destruction in the World War 2 blitz

Saint Patrick's Church - interior view
Saint Patrick’s Church – One of Belfast’s Landmark Churches

Opening originally in 1815 and rebuilt in 1877, Saint Patrick’s Church in Donegall Street Belfast remains one of Belfast’s landmark buildings

Giant's Ring View from the perimeter wall
The Giant’s Ring – A Neolithic Mystery

The Giant’s Ring is a Neolithic henge monument pre-dating the Egyptian pyramids. It is situated only 4 miles from Belfast city centre.

Joy Street sign
Have you seen Charlie Chaplin on Joy Street, Belfast?

Joy Street is one of the best surviving examples of Georgian architecture in the heart of Belfast with a historic link to Charlie Chaplin

Ewarts Linen Factory Belfast
Bang Beggars, Vulcans and other old Irish Occupations

Historical official records & documents sometimes refer to long-forgotten old Irish occupations. We list some of the more unusual.

Edwards Desicatted Soup advert
How a Belfast Company helped defeat a killer disease

The story of one Belfast company’s contribution to the fight on the twin challenges of scurvy and food poverty.

Rosamond Praeger
Rosamond Praeger – Holywood’s trail-blazing Artist/ Sculptress

Sophia Rosamond Praeger, born on 17/4/1867, in the town of Holywood near Belfast was destined to become a trail-blazing artist & sculptress

Fallen trees
Ireland’s Great Hurricane of 1839 – “The Big Wind”

In 1839, Ireland was hit by a hurricane that caused devastation throughout the country. Nothing before or since comes close to the “Big Wind”

Sailing home
Sinclair Seamen’s Presbyterian Church – A Remarkable Belfast Church

Sinclair Seamen’s Presbyterian Church opened in the Belfast docklands (1857) to provide religious services to visiting sailors & local inhabitants.

Caldragh Graveyard
The War Goddess of Boa Island

The Caldragh Cemetery on Fermanagh’s Boa Island is home to two ancient statues. One is ‘Badha’ – the Celtic Goddess of War or ‘battle fury’

Ballygally Castle Hotel
Ballygally Castle Hotel and it’s Ghost Room

A history of the Ballygally Castle Hotel situated in the village of Ballygally on the Antrim coast road with views over the Irish Sea.

Three Sisters Gallows
Naoise O’Haughan, Antrim’s “Gentleman Outlaw”

Naoise O’Haughan , known as Ness or Neesy, was born in 1691 at Skerry in County Antrim and went on to become Antrim’s Gentleman Outlaw

Queen's Arcade Interior
Queen’s Arcade – The last remaining Victorian Shopping Arcade in Belfast.

Queen’s Arcade, constructed in 1880, is the last remaining Victorian Arcade still open in the city of Belfast.

Botanic Avenue scene
Belfast – A walk around the Queen’s Quarter

A walk around Belfast’s Queen’s Quarter – this is the area around Queen’s University Belfast and the neighbouring Botanic Gardens

Blundell House view
Dundrum Castle, the village and the beaching of a famous ship

Dundrum Castle is built on a hill looking south over the Bay of Dundrum, west towards Slieve Croob and east over the plains of Lecale.

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