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The Top 20 Belfast Entries posts highlight the stories that have been most read since the website started in December 2020 until 30 June 2021. Have you read them all?

Belfast Entries Top 20 Posts
Belfast Entries Top 20 Posts

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Vere Foster – One of the greatest men you’ve never heard of

Vere Foster Grave Inscription

Vere Foster contributed enormously to Ireland’s famine relief, emigration support, charity, health & education only to die forgotten and poor. This is by far the most popular story we’ve ever published and with good reason – read it and weep!


Belfast Waterworks – The Days of Mermaids, Monsters and Sea battles

Belfast Waterworks - a dog's life
Belfast Waterworks was built in the 1830s to supply water to north Belfast. It is now a popular park with Cave Hill views.


Barney Hughes – The baker “beloved by the working classes”

Belfast Bap - from Rileys Home Bakery

Barney Hughes will be remembered for his desire for social justice, his unstinting generosity and humanitarian reform, but also for the Belfast Bap


Bushmills – Whiskey from the oldest licensed distillery in the world

King James 1 granted a royal license to make whiskey at Bushmills in April 1608. Bushmills is the oldest licensed distillery in the world


Does anyone remember Robinson & Cleaver?

Robinson & Cleaver roofline

The Robinson & Cleaver store opened in 1888 as the Royal Irish Linen Warehouse. Now closed, this remains one of Belfast’s iconic buildings


Visiting Belfast’s Oldest Pubs

Scotty at the Dirty Onion

A look at some of Belfast’s ‘oldest’ pubs in the city centre. People debate which is the oldest and which is the best. Try them yourself


Friar’s Bush Graveyard – A Fascinating History

Friar's Bush Graveyard

Friar’s Bush is Belfast’s oldest Christian burial site. The oldest legible headstone is of a Thomas Gibson who died in 1717.


The Holestone of Doagh – A History of Mystery & Marriage

The Holestone on the mound

On a rocky outcrop near Doagh, County Antrim is the Celtic standing stone, known as the Holestone – a place of significance for millennia.


Belfast City Cemetery

Belfast City Cemetery Hillside View

The Belfast City Cemetery was opened in 1869 by Belfast Corporation. Nearly a quarter of a million people are buried in this tranquil place


Old Belfast Castles – What lies beneath our streets?

Castle Buildings Exterior View

A brief history of the castles built in Belfast over the centuries, the battles and ownership changes and the loss of Belfast Castle to fire.


Mallusk Burying Ground, County Antrim

Mallusk Burying Ground

Mallusk Burying Ground is another old cemetery with a few tales to tell – featuring a wealth of history and information.


The Holy Well of Saint Olcan – Every Tatter Tells a Story

Holy Well View

The story of Saint Olcan and his Holy Well – for centuries a source of hope to pilgrims and those suffering. Every rag holds someone’s pain


Sir John Lavery – The Belfast Painter of Peace and War

John Lavery - Boating on the Thames

It is a tribute to John Lavery’s talent that he was to rise from the humblest of beginnings in Belfast to become a world famous artist


Tracing Your Family Tree

Sample Obituary

How would you go about tracing your family tree? This is a simple guide based on our own experiences. We welcome suggestions for new content and will add more information as we receive it.


The Farset – Belfast’s Hidden River


The Farset gave Belfast its name (originally Béal Feirste, ‘mouth of the sand-bank ford) and was at the heart of Belfast’s industrial success.


Dunseverick Castle, The Causeway Coast – Saint Patrick, The Vikings, Crusades and Destruction

Dunseverick illustration

Dunseverick Castle, now in ruins, was one of the key sites of ancient Ireland being situated on one of the five royal roads.


Francis Calder – The Calder Fountain Memorial

Calder Fountain with apartments in background

Francis Calder – Founder of the Belfast Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals . Calder Memorial Fountain erected 1859


St George’s Market – Belfast’s Victorian Market

St George's Market bicycle & flowers

Built in 1890, the Victorian St George’s Market remains a thriving market and with over 300 traders. In 2019 it was named the UK’s Best Large Indoor Market.


Saint Mary’s Church, Belfast – An inspirational story

The construction of Saint Mary’s Catholic Church in Belfast in 1784 with widespread Protestant support reflected the end of the Penal Laws


Mary Ann McCracken -A remarkable woman

Ulster History Circle wall plaque commemorating Mary Ann McCracken

Mary Ann McCracken was a philanthropist, feminist, humanitarian, nationalist radical born in Belfast on 8th July 1770.

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